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Donating goats to women to fight poverty

Wh0-02-01-058377838766c5f2e5b1fa52658d1aa14712aab22c299fa39e5d89afa12395cc_fullen OUAGANET donates the goats to women, they are given a special advice about how to care for them. It’s important that they feed them appropriately. In addition, they need to contac the vet as needed to ensure that the goats are in good health.

Many women take to heart our advice and often invite our volunteers to take photos of their goats so we can see that they are doing well.  They often get attached to the goats.  In one particular instance, a woman had given a name to the goat and the animal was very attached to her.  She could call the goat by its name and he will come.
Then, one day someone stole the goat and the woman was so heartbroken that she was in tears.  We replaced the stolen goat by giving her another one.

In the attached photo, you can see a goat that the owner is taking good care of.  The goat looks healthy, tall and beautiful.   This photo also makes us proud to know that people are taking good care of their goats.

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