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    Your donation to this cause will help more women receive a goat to raise.The goats are a livehihood for the women and allow them to purchase clothing, medicine, food by selling...
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    Water, especially clean water is so vital to life. In rural areas of Burkina Faso many families don’t have access to it. This well is a great blessing to the village...
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    Everyday men and women fetch wood or cut trees for cooking, making musical instruments and crafts and many other things.  As a result, the soil is degraded year after year and the...
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Story About Us

Who are we?

  • OuagaNet is a 501-c-3 grassroots’ nonprofit
  • OuagaNet is a mission based ministry
  • We empower women by giving them goats to raise as a way of fighting extreme poverty.
  • We provide fences, seeds and gardening tools to empower the villagers in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.
  • We support the villagers with first aid medical needs
  • We help the youth with education
Urgent Cause

Help us with our Moringa Oleifera trees planting project

OuagaNet intervenes in the protection of the environment by donating trees to villagers to plant. We donate the Moringa Oleifera plants which leaves are very rich in vitamins and minerals.As a result, the Moringa Oleifera provides health benefits in addition to protecting the environment.  The leaves are used to fight...
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We need your help

Whether you are donating towards the Moringa Oleifera trees, goats for women, education or the ministry or gardening, the lives of entire families including children are impacted for the better.Together, let us help prepare better futures for the children of Napone.

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